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Gino Junior ✦ 

Birthday center

Step into the enchanting realm of Gino’s Birthday Center, where the magic of every child’s dream party comes alive! 🎉🎂

Gino promises to turn each birthday into an unforgettable celebration, offering an exclusive center replete with water games, vibrant animators, and expert photo and video recording. And of course, no birthday is complete without the timeless tradition of blowing out the candles!

The Birthday Person and their cherished guests are warmly invited to relish the entire day in the aquapark, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

🎈Here are our Birthday Packages (prices vary depending on the chosen menu):

7 Children + 5 Adults from GEL 614
10 Children + 5 Adults from GEL 782
15 Children + 7 Adults from 1090
25 Children + 10 Adults from GEL 1754
Additional Child from GEL 39


🍔🍟 Menus to Delight:

Menu 1 ➤ 19 GEL: Relish the classic combination of a savory burger, crispy fries, tangy ketchup, and a refreshing Coca-Cola.
Menu 2 ➤ 20 GEL: Choose joy with either khachapuri or a hotdog. Accompanied by fries, a delightful cake, fruit salad, and fruit juice, it’s a culinary adventure for the senses.
Menu 3 ➤ 25 GEL: Dive into a delectable feast featuring a burger, cake, fries, a tantalizing muffin, fruit salad, and invigorating fruit juice.
Menu 4 ➤ 30 GEL: Indulge in a birthday bonanza with khachapuri, hotdog, crispy fries, a delightful muffin, refreshing fruit salad, and a fruit juice symphony.


At Gino’s Birthday Center, we turn celebrations into magical experiences, ensuring your child’s special day is nothing short of extraordinary! 🌟🎁