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Gino Wellness and Spa


Escape to Gino Wellness & Spa for tranquility, rejuvenation, and sheer bliss. Your path to wellness and renewal begins here!

🌿 Our Revitalizing Experience: 🌿

🌺 Varied Sauna Retreat:

Explore our array of saunas, each offering a unique experience:

✦ “Fox Den” Sauna – Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy blend for improved blood circulation and cardiovascular health.
✦ Salt Steam Sauna – Iodized salt-enriched steam therapy to restore your iodine balance.
✦ Herbal Sauna – Relax and heal with fragrant herbal aromatherapy.
✦ Infrared Sauna – Japanese wood ambiance and infrared radiation for body rejuvenation.
✦ Roman Steam Sauna – Steam enriched with chamomile to boost immunity.
✦ Finnish Sauna – Purify your skin, detoxify, and elevate your mood.


🌸 Massage Magic:

✦ Replenish your body and soul with our signature massages:
✦ Swedish Massage – Classic relaxation with gentle strokes.
✦ Deep Tissue Massage – Target muscle knots and tension.
✦ Aromatherapy Massage – Balance your body and mind with essential oils.
✦ Hot Stone Massage – Melt stress with heated stones.
✦ Sports Massage – Enhance performance and recovery.


🌷 Enchanting Ambiance:

Our spa is adorned with gardens and outdoor water whirlpools, creating a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere.

💎 Himalayan Salt Elegance:

Salt stone walls add a touch of purity and wellness to your visit.

🪑 Alexander the Great – 24-carat Golden Chair:

Legend has it that Alexander harnessed the unique properties of warm gold for battle, using it to activate blood circulation.

🌊 Refreshing Features:

Discover our cold pool, hot whirlpool, and unique showers to invigorate your senses.

🌟 Try Gold Therapy, foot baths, or the refreshing Ice Hill.

 Recharge & Rejuvenate at Gino Wellness & Spa!