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Excellent Space

Elevate Your Special Occasions with Gino Wellness’ Excellent Space!


🎉 Book Your Exclusive Party Venue: 🎉

Celebrate in style, whether it’s a bachelorette, prom evening a lively friends’ gathering, or even a product presentation. At Excellent, you’ll discover a unique private space that will make your event exceptional.

🏖️ Relaxation Haven: Experience the pinnacle of relaxation in our cozy living room equipped with warm stone chairs, and whirlpools. Explore a range of saunas, including Finnish, steam, and herbal saunas, as well as showers with various effects.
🍻 Beer Bath Experience: Dive into a beer lover’s paradise with a warm beer extract bath and cold beer for all your guests.
🌟 Cleopatra’s Golden Baths: Indulge in luxury with 24-carat gold-plated baths, filled with a divine concoction of milk, flowers, or wine extract.
❄️ Cryo-Sauna: Step into our unique cryo-sauna, the first of its kind in the Caucasus region. The cold exposure stimulates the body, causing blood vessels to narrow and improving overall skin structure, cell renewal, and metabolism. Plus, it triggers the release of endorphins for an incredible sense of well-being.

As a bonus, guests of the Excellent space enjoy full access to the waterpark and Gino Wellness’ facilities.

For reservation please contact us ⭐