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Terms and conditions

General conditions 

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. If you access the website and purchase the service, you
automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the website.
If the payment of the order by bank card is unsuccessful, the order is canceled and not activated. The
order is subject to verification by the operator.
The company has the right to cancel the registration and the user’s account, if the violation of the requirements stipulated by the law and dishonest action is detected.
Prices are given on the website in GEL. Prices may be changed at any time by the company unilaterally.

Please do not give the unique code and other important information received from us to third parties.

Refund policy

Refunds are made only in cases provided by law. Please note the terms of use. Vouchers that have
expired and are not used due to the user’s reasons won’t be refunded.
The refund is made within 5 working days to the buyer’s bank account. The refund of the amount paid by card on the web page is carried out by transferring it to the user’s bank account.