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Welcome to Gino Paradise, your aquatic oasis nestled near the tranquil shores of the Tbilisi Sea. Spanning over a vast 13-hectare expanse, Gino Paradise is not just a waterpark; it’s a boundless world of aquatic wonder and exhilarating adventures. Immerse yourself in a paradise of pools, slides, and relaxation, where families and thrill-seekers of all ages create cherished memories under the sun.

Here fun knows no bounds!


🏊‍♂️ Dive into the Adventure:

🌊 Wavy Pool – Experience the thrill of real sea waves, with an exciting twist – a climbing wall!
🌪️ Wild River – Drift away in a relaxing water flow, capturing the serenity of the sun’s warm embrace.
🧒 Outdoor Children’s Space – Let the kids slide into pure joy, featuring various slides and a kids’ pool.
🌅 Panorama Pool with Bar – Combine swimming, relaxation, and sun-kissed tanning with a breathtaking sea view. Sip on your favorite cocktails as you bask in the UV rays reflected from the crystal-clear water.
👶 Children’s Water Park – A paradise within paradise! This space offers warm water, and fun attractions for little ones and their parents.
💆 Relaxation Pool – Sink into the rejuvenating embrace of our stainless-steel pool, equipped with invigorating hydro massage. Experience body rejuvenation, neck pain relief, and a recharge.
🏊‍♀️ 25m long Olympic Pool – For those seeking a competitive edge, our Olympic pool awaits your prowess.
🎢 Toboggan – Unleash your inner thrill-seeker on Eastern Europe’s tallest 31-meter toboggan, complete with 6 heart-pounding slides and 5 exciting speeds.
🏄 Large Selection of Open Slides – A slide for every age, ensuring a day filled with laughter and adventure.

With up to 10 different types of pools and dozens of slides, an entertaining program, and raffles for children and their parents, Gino Paradise is your one-stop destination for a perfect vacation.

Come and make a splash at Gino Paradise – where memories are made, and endless fun awaits!

🌟 And Remember: Gino Paradise Welcomes Kids Under 5 for FREE! 🌟